Meet Grant

Growing up constantly drawing and being around computers his entire life, Grant has always loved combining art with technology. He graduated from CSU San Marcos with a BA in Visual Arts & Technology, starting his career as a student graphic designer at the campus student union. Having the first-hand experience before graduating gave him the confidence of being a graphic designer outside of school.

After graduating, he has moved around as a coffee-slinging barista, an intern in the tech field, and a freelance illustrator. It wasn’t until working with Experia Creative where he started to learn the wonders of web design, having tons of fun in the process of exploring the ins and outs of the internet. Grant wishes to keep growing as a young professional, while also helping clients achieve their design needs as a business.

Outside of work, Grant loves camping, good beer and coffee, Thai food, and free stickers.

Grant Hartman, Designer, Experia Creative, San Diego, CA

The Team


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Creative Strategist

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