Every business, whether they’re just starting out, or are well-established, needs a logo. After all, the logo is often the first point of contact someone has with your business. It’s important that it not only makes a great first impression, but the right impression. Setting out to hire a logo designer is no easy feat. You don’t know what you’re going to get until after you’ve hired them. We’ve put together a list to help you hire the right logo design agency.

  1.  Review the Portfolio

If may seem obvious, but the portfolio is a great first place to start. If the logo designer doesn’t don’t have a portfolio online showcasing past logo work, that may be a red flag. The portfolio will allow you to see the diversity in their work. You can see styles that they have a particular flair for, and the types of industries they have worked with. It’s ok if there isn’t a logo for your exact  industry. It can bring a fresh perspective, new ideas, and greater creativity than a logo designer from one particular industry.

  1. Know the Process

Some logo design companies design everything in-house, where others outsource the most of actual design work. It’s very important to know which is the case! Getting to know the person working on the design team who will be working on your logo allows for better communication, and ultimately, them becoming vested in your overall success. The more your logo designer knows about the project, the better the results. Be sure to ask about the number of logo concepts you should expect to receive, how the process revisions work, and if there are ever any extra fees. Find out what the final deliverable files are. Communicate any special needs in advance, such as needing one color versions, multiple layouts, etc.

  1. Be Prepared To Communicate Your Expectations

You play just as an important of a role in the design of your logo as the designer. No one knows your business inside and out like you do. No one understands the style and aesthetic that you want to portray better. The communication of ideas and expectations to your designer from the beginning is incredibly important. Provide as many details and instructions as you can, while allowing enough room for creative freedom. After all, that is why you’re hiring a designer, right?

  1. Know Your Brand and Your Target Customer

Just as it is important to provide insight into what you want your logo to be, you should also take the time to explain your business, goals, and target audience to your designer. It’s important that they understand not only how the logo should look, how it will be used, and where customers will come into contact with it. Taking a comprehensive approach to understanding the brand and target customers will help steer the process in the proper direction. The goal is to create a logo that not only speaks to customers, but helps to communicate the story of the brand.

  1. Are You Compatible with Your Logo Designer?

Working with a logo designer is often a personal experience. You’ll be communicating often, sharing ideas, considering their recommendations, and helping to guide the process. It’s important that your designer be compatible with your personality. You don’t want to stuck working with someone you simply don’t like! You can get a feel for the personality of your designer. Take the time to schedule a phone call, or even better, an in-person meeting. Make sure you are working with someone who is easy to work with.

The process of hiring a design agency is just like beginning a new relationship. It’s important to understand who you’re working with, ask questions, and feel confident that they can deliver the results that are so critically important to the success of your business. Contact Experia Creative to speak with us about how we can only help design a logo for your business, but create a strategy to help build your brand.